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What is VWOC?

The Voting Week Organizing Committee is a Columbia University student body organization charged with planning and executing Voting Week each year.

The Voting Week Organizing Committee (VWOC) is the student body organization behind Columbia University's annual Voting Week


VWOC works closely with Columbia Political Union, the Political Science Department, Student Engagement, and numerous student body groups across campus to make voting week a massive success each year. Learn more about our wonderful partners or read a short history of VWOC.

Also check out this year's team!


So if that's VWOC, what is Voting Week itself?

Held annually at the beginning of October, Voting Week is an incredible series of speaking events, voter registration drives, and opportunities to get engaged around campus aimed at bolstering student engagement in the student body. To learn more about this year's Voting Week, please visit the official Voting Week website


Who chooses the VWOC?

The Voting Week Organizing Committee is headed by the Columbia Political Union's Voter Engagement Director, who sits on the board of the Columbia Political Union as well. The other members of VWOC are then selected by the Voter Engagement Director, with the advice and consent of the Columbia Political Union.


What does the VWOC do?

The Organizing Committee is divided up into three teams: Marketing, Events, and Voter Registration. The Marketing team focuses on all of Voting Week's external presence: from ads to this very website. The Events team works to invite speakers and plan for their logistics once here on campus. The Voter Registration team focuses on the logistics of making our registration drives as successful as possible.


How can I join the VWOC?

In the Spring, send an email to! We're always looking for talented and driven students interested in making a positive difference for civic engagement on campus. As long as you are a student at any of the Columbia University community's schools, we're happy to have you on board.

Updated September 15, 2016

Photos courtesy of VWOC Multimedia Director Zoë Ryan. Website maintained by VWOC Digital Director Peter Ryan. 

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