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Emily Gruber, Fellowship Coordinator

Emily is a junior in Columbia College majoring in History and concentrating in Classics. She founded the Columbia Political Union Fellowship in spring 2017 and looks forward to leading this initiative again after studying abroad at Oxford where she served on the Oxford Union. Emily is excited to meet the Fellows and hopes that you enjoy our weekly political current events posts! 

Emilie Biggs


Emilie is a first-year at Columbia College who hates the question “where are you from?” with a passion, but could probably most accurately try to answer it with the Bay Area. She is possibly studying Comparative Literature, or Philosophy, or Anthropology, or every humanities major offered at CC if she can fit it into her schedule. When not busy yelling at people over philosophers or crying over the news, she enjoys bailing on trips to Brooklyn and getting overly-invested Spanish soap operas. 

Denver Blevins

Denver Blevins is a freshman at Columbia University studying Economics and Political Science. She was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she spends her free time exploring art museums, hopping vegan restaurants, and shooting digital photography. In addition to CPU, Denver is the First-Year Representative for Columbia University College Democrats and volunteers with Artists Reaching Out through Columbia Community Impact. This summer, Denver will be working on-campus as a Coordinator for the Columbia Urban Experience pre-orientation program.

Ariadne Xenopoulos

Ariadne is a freshman in Columbia College studying economics. She was raised in New York City, where she enjoys exploring the melting pot of disparate food, architecture, and cultures. In her free time, Ariadne alternates between binge-watching Homeland, reading Philip Roth novels, and listening to The Kooks. As a fellow, she looks forward to embracing the value of dissent and discourse as academic exercises and civil necessities.

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma is a freshman in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po. He is from India but grew up across Asia and Europe. Having caught the political bug during his time in Britain, he has since enjoyed recreating the House of Commons everywhere from history classes to subway trains, debating everything from Lenin to Lennon. He looks forward to doing more of this at the Union. Outside of class, he can be found brewing masala chai, struggling with Camus, and watching with great pain as AC Milan lose again.

Henry Feldman 

Henry is a Freshman in CC studying Political Science. He hails from Newton, Massachusetts, which is one of the most Jewish suburbs in America. When he’s not emphasizing the complexity of political issues and expressing frustration with members of his own party, he is playing tennis, listening to Bruce Springsteen, or eating good food. As a fellow, Henry is looking forward to covering issues thoroughly and re-establishing the importance of truth in political dialogues.

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