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Jenna Yuan



Jenna Yuan is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science with a special concentration in Education Studies. She is from Seattle, Washington. Her academic interests include international security, authoritarian and democratic governance, and education politics and policy. In her free time, Jenna enjoys running, baking, and explaining why the west coast is the best coast.

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Aili Hou



Aili Hou is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and concentrating in French & Francophone Studies. She hails from the suburbs of Northern Virginia, which is a much less exciting place than NYC. Outside of CPU, Aili is actively involved in many other campus organizations like the Columbia Political Review, and she is interested in the intersections between politics and journalism. In her spare time, Aili enjoys dancing, playing the piano, obsessing over figure skating (watching, not doing!), and blasting music so loudly through her AirPods that she may potentially end up with ear damage.

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Josh Groysberg



Josh Groysberg is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Economics-Political Science. He is from Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to CPU, he currently co-hosts the political podcast GenZers Talk Politics, where hosts give their takes on a variety of current events and political issues. In his free time, Joshua enjoys reading, taking long walks, and exploring the city.

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Ali Alomari



Ali Alomari is a junior at Columbia College and plans to study economics and political science. He previously lived in Pleasanton, California and Detroit, Michigan. Ali aims to organize events and programs that allows students to find avenues to become politically involved, learn about issues important to them, and provide a platform for high profile speakers to engage with the Columbia community. Ali also serves on the Executive Board of the Columbia Muslim Student Association as the Political Chair. Outside of CPU, Ali enjoys playing soccer, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends.


Grace Fitzgerald



Grace is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Sustainable Development. She is from Danville, Pennsylvania. In addition to the Political Union, Grace is involved with Housing Equity Project, Consilience, and the Environmental Law Institute. In her free time Grace enjoys reading, going to museums, and spending time with friends.

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Alex Taylor



Alex Taylor is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and Ethnicity and Race Studies. He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is passionate about racial justice and criminal justice reform. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing piano, listening to music, and watching new shows.


Samra Moosa



Samra Moosa is a sophomore at Barnard College majoring in Political Science with a minor in South Asian Studies. She is from Westchester, New York. Alongside CPU, Samra is the Treasurer for the Muslim Student Association and the Political Events Liaison for Columbia University Women in Law and Politics. She is passionate about women’s rights, awareness of human rights violations, and advocating for educational reform in NYC public schools. In her free time, Samra enjoys trying new food places in NYC with her friends.


Elise Penn



Elise Penn is a sophomore at Barnard College majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Chinese. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to CPU, Elise is involved in the Columbia Journal of Criminal Justice, The Remedy Project, and Peace by Peace. She is passionate about international relations and advocating to end gender-based violence. In her free time, Elise loves to do yoga, go thrifting, listen to music, and spend time with her family.



Akeyla Stewart



Akeyla Stewart is a junior in Columbia College double majoring in Political Science and Women/Gender Studies. She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to CPU, Akeyla is an advocacy and policy director for the Residential Hall Leadership Organization as well as research intern for USAID. She is passionate about racial justice, gender equality, and education politics. In her free time, Akeyla loves listening to music, playing the flute, baking (attempting to at least..), and exploring the city with friends.


Anthonella Mendoza



Anthonella Mendoza is a junior in Columbia College majoring in English. She is originally from Ecuador and grew up in York, South Carolina. Alongside CPU, Anthonella is a part of Columbia Undergraduate Law Review as well as America Reads & Counts, where she tutors and mentors elementary school students in West Harlem. She is passionate about making politics more accessible for underserved communities, and enjoys trying new foods, playing tennis, and listening to CrimeJunkie podcast on Spotify — the superior music platform.

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