John George



John George is a junior in Columbia College majoring in American Studies and Political Science. John is passionate about politics and is a big fan of liberal democracy.  In addition to CPU, he does some volunteering and enjoys being a casual member of various Columbia clubs. He is from upstate New York, and enjoys sushi and exploring New York and Columbia's labyrinthine campus.


Gabi D'Agostino



Gabi D'Agostino is a junior at Barnard majoring in Mathematical Sciences. She was born in Manhattan and lives on Long Island. Gabi is passionate about foreign policy and human rights. She plays volleyball and is the vice president and co-captain of the Columbia club team. In her spare time Gabi likes playing all sports and games, and always enjoys "friendly" competition. She is an avid fan of professional sports and loves going to Brooklyn Nets and and New York Yankees games.



Tal Zussman



Tal Zussman is a junior in SEAS studying Computer Science, Political Science, and Applied Math. He is from New York, New York. As Vice President of Initiatives, he focuses on developing CPU's action-based programs. He is interested in democratic processes and the use of data in politics, and enjoys rock climbing, Linux kernel development, and watching basketball in his free time.


Jenna Yuan



Jenna Yuan is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and Education Studies. She is from Seattle, Washington. Along with other high school and college students from across the country, Jenna co-leads the non-profit Student Voice, where she supports K-12 students advocating for educational equity. She is passionate about social justice and transnational issues. In her free time, Jenna enjoys running, baking, and explaining why the west coast is the best coast.

Jenna Yuan.jpg


Aili Hou



Aili Hou is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and concentrating in French & Francophone Studies. She hails from the suburbs of Northern Virginia, which is a much less exciting place than NYC. Outside of CPU, Aili is actively involved in many other campus organizations like the Columbia Political Review and Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, and she is interested in the intersections between politics and journalism. In her spare time, Aili enjoys dancing, playing the piano, obsessing over figure skating (watching, not doing!), and blasting music so loudly through her AirPods that she may potentially end up with ear damage.

Aili Hou.jpg


Claire Schnatterbeck



Claire Schnatterbeck is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Political Science. She is from Sheridan, Wyoming (the upper right hand corner of the square) and can talk for hours about the small town's quirks. She is very involved with journalism and publications on Columbia's campus, working as an editor on the Columbia Daily Spectator and the Columbia Political Review. Claire is very passionate about promoting productive political discourse and international diplomacy. When she's not searching for an open seat in Butler Library she can be found listening to a podcast, discussing the best museums in the city, or going for a stroll in Riverside Park.

Claire Schnatterbeck.jpg