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The center of politics on campus



Founded in 1935, the Columbia Political Union serves as the center of political dialogue and civic engagement at Columbia University in the City of New York. Through a variety of civic events and service initiatives, we seek to uphold our university's rich history of political excellence. 3 presidents, 10 Supreme Court Justices, 36 Senators, 43 governors, 7 attorney generals, and over 130 members of the House of Representatives have been educated at Columbia. We strive to continue Columbia University's status as one of the nation's best schools to study and take part in politics. Learn more →



The Columbia Political Union Presents: A Conversation with Marianne Williamson


Join CPU for a special in-person event with Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and a prolific author, speaker, and activist and enter our raffle to have dinner with Marianne after the event!

Thursday, April 14th

7:00-8:00 p.m. | Uris 301

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A Conversation with Greg Wawro

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Russia and Ukraine: What's Next?

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A Conversation with Sal Khan

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