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About the Columbia Political Union's Citizenship Tutoring Program

Our Citizenship Tutoring program is aimed at helping soon-to-be American citizens pass the citizenship examination, a comprehensive exam testing applicants’ understanding of U.S. culture and political traditions. This program was born given the large number of Columbia students, faculty, and staff who are prospective U.S. citizens, and the need for such services in communities surrounding the university. 

The Citizenship Tutoring program will be run in the Fall 2023 semester and will be completely free-of-charge for all participating students. The program dates are TBA.

Participant Eligibility

  • You must be 18 years or older and live in New York City.

Tutor Eligibility

  • Must be a Columbia University student (Undergraduate/graduate)

  • Knowledge of multiple languages and experience with immigration (preferred).

  • Commitment of 1 hr/week for 15 weeks

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