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Get involved with organizations you care about


We connect NYC high schoolers with custom vetted internship opportunities

Reachout intends to be a bridge for high school students to access political engagement opportunities, guide them throughout the advocacy process, ensure their safety, and provide them with additional relevant support. Each student will be matched with either a short or long-term position in an organization or political campaign that they are passionate about and will have the opportunity to learn from professionals in their respective fields.

We teach you the skills you need to succeed

Students go through a three-week training process at the beginning of the summer along with select weekend sessions during the weeks leading up to summer training. Our aim is to provide a world-class activism, civic engagement, and pre-professional curriculum so that students are prepared to create an impact in the real world. 

We partner with organizations at the forefront of social change

Our team is constantly adding to our portfolio of organizations to find custom vetted roles for high schoolers. Each organization is screened by a Reachout team member to ensure they will be able to provide a meaningful experience. All these details go to the student before any commitments are made.

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